LKG Fine Motors Activity

Sparsh Global School’s LKG students engaged in a range of fine motor activities to enhance finger muscle development. Through the use of safety scissors, lacing activities, buttoning, and playdough manipulation, children refined their dexterity and hand-eye coordination. These engaging tasks not only foster creativity but also prepare them for more advanced skills, ensuring a productive…

Learning by doing with our little Mathematicians!

At Sparsh, we’re all about “Learning By Doing” to ensure every child has equal opportunities to learn and flourish. Our Pre-Primary students have been exploring numeracy through hands-on activities in our Maths lab. Experiencing math concepts firsthand leads to a better understanding and practical application in everyday life. Learning by doing with our little Mathematicians!

Pottery Class

The students from Sparsh Global School were immersed in the captivating realm of pottery, witnessing clay metamorphosing into enduring masterpieces, while their creativity soared limitlessly. These pottery sessions provided a distinctive chance to delve into the age-old art of pottery, fusing heritage with contemporary methods to unlock the creative talents of our budding scholars. Pottery…

Art Workshop

Sparsh Global School hosted an art workshop that celebrated the talents of students across two age categories. Grade III to V students showcased their mastery of clay, crafting delicate rose sculptures, while Grade VI to IX students demonstrated their prowess in paper art, creating stunning floral bouquets. Art Workshop

Interhouse Skating

Sparsh Global School had an awesome skating competition! Four houses – ETHER, TERRA, IGNIS, and AQUA – went head-to-head on the rink with tons of excitement. The students showed off their amazing skating skills and determination. Everyone at the school cheered them on, showing great school spirit and sportsmanship. And when it was all over,…