Day 6 of Swarnprasthians @ Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the world’s leading producers of bamboo products. On the 6th day of their stay in Vietnam the students visited a bamboo factory and were made aware of a wide range of sustainable and environment friendly bamboo products that are durable and made to last. Day 6 of Swarnprasthians @ Vietnam

Day 5 of Swarnprasthians @ Vietnam

The students took a flight to their next destination Hanoi on the fifth day of the fun filled tour. They spent their day at the The Van Mieu Temple of Literature which is dedicated to Confucius and also features on the back of the 100,000 Vietnamese Dong banknote. Students saw various halls, statues and offering…

Day 4 of Swarnprasthians @ Vietnam

The day kick started with a cable car visit to the Golden Bridge, the Flower Garden, the Peacock Garden and evoking serenity at the Buddha. This was followed by an adrenaline spike at the Ba Na Hills Fantasy park where the students enjoyed the adventurous rides. After a delicious lunch at the Ba Na Hills,…

Day 3 of Swarnprasthians @ Vietnam

On the third day of the exploratory international tour, Swarnprasthians participated in the Student Exchange Program at the University of Finance and Marketing where they received a warm welcome from the faculty and the local student community. They actively participated in the University conference and interactive cultural event which got covered by the National news…

Mindfulness Activities

Swarnprastha Public School has taken an initiative to incorporate Mindfulness Curriculum as a part of Life Skill to ignite awareness about their own qualities. It strengthens the development process and lays emphasis on focus, resilience and self discipline. Children enthusiastically participate in engaging activities conducted in their classrooms. Mindfulness Activities

Manali Trip Day 2 Report Grades 9-12

On Day 2 of Manali tour, Swarnprasthians visited the breathtaking Sissu Waterfall, enjoyed an exhilarating zip line adventure, and marvelled at the engineering amaze of the Atal Tunnel and the picturesque Salong Valley. The day’s blend of natural beauty and thrilling activities made it an unforgettable experience. Manali Trip Day 2 Report Grades 9-12

Manali Trip Day 1 Report Grades 9-12

On May 31 May 2024, students from grades 9-12 embarked on an exhilarating tour to Manali. On Day 1 in Manali, Swarnprasthians visited the Hadimba Temple, an ancient wooden structure set amidst dense deodar forests, offering serene vibes and spiritual solace. The temple’s intricate carvings and peaceful surroundings were captivating. Later, we explored Van Vihar,…

Fun Filled Day 2 – Manali

The students had a lot of fun on the second day of the trip at Manali. They went to Sissu End Point at Solang Valley. They indulged in different activities like Zip Line and bungee jumping at Solang Valley. Fun Filled Day 2 – Manali

Teacher Training In House

Our school organized an English Communication Workshop for teachers to enhance speaking, writing, and listening skills. The workshop incorporated interactive sessions, quizzes, and group discussions, to actively engage the participants. The primary objective was to empower teachers with increased confidence and effectiveness in classroom communication, with the ultimate goal of positively impacting student learning and…